FIRST OPTION (Private car)

It takes about 2 hours to arrive directly to Mindo form Quito using the road to the Coast via Mitad del Mundo, Los Bancos and La Independencia.  You may decide to stop off at the Mitad del Mundo (Equator Monument), which has been recently remodeled and is well kept.  There is an ethnic museum inside the monument and various gift shops.  Also, a brief stop at the Pululagua Crater might be arranged to view this extinct volcano with a small village nestled inside.

  • Private Car Transport Quito - El Monte = $60
  • Private Car Transport Airport to El Monte = $80
  • Cost per hour of waiting = $10
  • Private Car Transport El Monte-Quito = $60
  • Private Van Transport from Quito to El Monte = $70 to $90

SECOND OPTION (Public bus)

The Cooperativa Flor de Valle/Cayambe bus company is located at the Terminal Terrestre Norte, LA OFELIA.  It is about a 30 to 40 minute taxi ride from the tourist area (Mariscal) to the bus station.

Also the MetroBus on Avenida America is very fast and convenient and can take you to the Terminal Norte, LA OFELIA.

WARNING: As on all buses and terminals in Ecuador you must keep a constant eye on your belongings.  However, our guests have never had a problem to allow the bus employees to stow your baggage below in the bus compartment.  The overhead compartments can be unsafe if left unattended.


Monday to Friday  
Mindo to Quito Quito to Mindo
6:30AM 8:00AM
11:00AM 9:00AM
1:45PM 11:00AM
3:00PM 1:00PM
5:00PM 4:00PM

Mindo to Quito Quito to Mindo
6:30AM 7:40AM
11:00AM 8:20AM
1:00PM 9:20AM
2:00PM 11:00AM
3:00PM 1:00PM
4:00PM 2:00PM
5:00PM 4:00PM

Mindo to Quito Quito to Mindo
6:30AM 7:40AM
1:00PM 8:20AM
2:00PM 9:20AM
3:00PM 14:00PM
4:00PM 5:00PM
5:00PM 4:00PM

Buses often leave exactly on time (or even a bit early, if you can believe it) but rarely more than 10 mins. late. Also, occasionally the bus may fill up so it is a good idea to arrive at least 30 mins. early or buy the ticket a day ahead of time.

THIRD OPTION (Arrival by Private Car and departure by Public Bus)

For your first time in Ecuador we recommend this option.  A mid-size 4 passenger car can be arranged for $50 (a van would be $100).  You could stop for a short visit to the Mitad del Mundo (equator monument), cruise by the Pululagua Crater and arrive to El Monte shortly after.  After you stay at El Monte we will put you a bus at 2:00PM (check bus schedules).  This bus will take you to the La Ofelia where you can transfer to the MetroBus that will take you into Quito.

FOURTH OPTION (Bus Station Cumanda South of Quito, "Terminal Terrestre")

We don't recommend this option unless you know your way around Quito and about bus transportation. From this bus station buses leave towards Mindo about every 2 hours. The buses that pass near Mindo are Cooperativa Kennedy, Cooperativa San Pedro, and Cooperativa Aloag. Make sure that these buses are going to the coast by way of Los Bancos. You must ask the driver to let you off at the top of the road that leads down to Mindo, and from this point just rent a car to El Monte Lodge.

Entrance to El Monte by cable car
El Monte Sustainable Lodge
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