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Located in Virgin Rainforest in the buffer zone of the vast Yasuni National Park, Eden Amazon Lodge is in a prime location to offer you the trip of a lifetime! Explore the huge Yuturi Lake in paddle canoes, walk through the untouched forest with a Native Kichwa guide and a trained Naturalist and search for amazing wildlife and learn more about this biological heart of our planet. www.edenamazonlodge.com/


Otobo’s Amazon Safari offers what has to be one of the most amazing adventures to be found not just in Ecuador, but anywhere in the world. Otobo, a Huaorani native, invites you to his territory in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon to experience the Rainforest and all its magic. This has all the elements to be the trip of a lifetime… you’ll trek through the forest behind your local Huaorani guide and a bilingual naturalist inside the Yasuni National Park. www.rainforestcamping.com


Created with the support of 'El Monte,' this unique field guide is useful throughout the montane forests of the neotropics. Based in the Andean Choco of northwest Ecuador (many photos from 'El Monte') it illustrates almost 400 species, representing over 100 families of common plants. Bilingual, with almost 700 photos, it is a useful reference for students, botanists, naturalists, guides, scientists, and tourists.

"What a handy field guide! It has been a tremendous help for the guides and our guests in the identification of plants in Mindo. Thank you Tobias!"

- Mariela Tenorio. El Monte Sustainable Lodge. Mindo, Ecuador.http://plantsofmindo.blogspot.com

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