El Monte Comments

Thank you so much for an incredible & beautiful experience. Everyone has said it already. “This is really a piece of heaven”. The food is delicious, cabins comfortable and staff helpful & kind. Javier and Paulina are very knowledgable & outgoing. This has been the experience of a lifetime for me.

Marie, Gerry and Brian Arleth
New Jersey

Just great! Not sure how we will be able to suitably describe it here. Must be one of the best places on earth – (minus the biting insects).

Thanks to everyone.

Angela, Robbie and Miles
Isle of Arran

Dear Everyone,

We had a magnificent stay. The Cloud Forest is more than we had ever anticipated. We saw all the birds we had targeted before the trip and many, many more. Julia, Pauline, Tom – all the staff, you are the greatest. How could a person better celebrate a 61st birthday? Thank you!

Dean Tirador
Juneau Alaska

We came here just for 1 night and we had to stay for 2! Not that that’s enough but 2 is better than one. Everything was super from start to finish and so unexpected too… We’re the first Maltese to come to El Monte and I’d dare say probably even in Mindo but I’m sure we wond be the last. We’ll definitely recommend this little paradise to friends and… just in case they don’t heed our advice, we’ll surely visit again sometime!

John Paul & Marie Stell Seiduna

sitting in the hammock and hearing the birds and river , simply magical. This is a very special place and everything has been splendid.

This home in the clouds
I shall be sorry to leave
And glad to return

Kevin Ahn
Tracy CA

We’ve had an amazing 3 nights here! Thanks ever so much for all your hospitality, hopefully we’ll see you here again.

All the best,

Dana and Noe
London England

Tom and Staff at El Monte

Fauloso! We’ve stayed at other EcoLodges in Central and South America—yours is the best we’ve enjoyed to date. For birders this is truly a paradise and the staff is first rate…

Danny the bird expert is amazing, with abilities to spot , identify by call and command of the names in English…

Steve and Ramona Boone
Colorado Springs CO

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